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  • Belly Dance in Chichester, learn how to belly dance. Belly dance classes in Chichester. this an information and community web site about belly dancing and belly dance activities in and around Chichester.
  • Scarlet Fusion Bellydance. Belly dance performances by Scarlet Fusion, bellydance troupe in Chichester.
  • About Jenn. Jenn has been dancing for over 30 years. Originally from Singapore she has performed there and in the UK at several festivals and events.
  • Training. Certification in Safe and Effective Dance Practice (NQF Level 5) ,Trinity College London. Some of the master classes Jenn have taken.
  • Classes. Belly dance classes in Chichester, Witterings, Bracklesham. Learn how to belly dance in Chichester.
  • Events in Chichester and Bognor Regis. Belly dance workshops and performances
  • Specialty Belly Dance Workshops. Our weekend workshops have proven to be popular for people who want to try out belly dancing and for those who can't attend weekly classes.
  • Corporate and Social Clubs.Belly dance taster workshops in Chichester for Social Clubs and Women's Group, Corporate Activities, Festivals, Fetes, Health and Well Being Days
  • Photo Gallery of belly dance performances in and around Chichester, Witterings, Bracklesham.
  • Articles. Here are some articles I have sourced through the years about belly dancing and updates on belly dancing events in Chichester, Witterings and Bracklesham.
  • Steps to ensure safe dance practice in teaching Belly dancing to recreational dancers
  • Discuss the relationship between strength and flexibility for dance with regards to effective training in Belly Dance
  • Different elements of an effective warm up and cool down in Belly Dance. Warm up and cool down are very important in any dance practise.
  • Belly dancing and Fibromyalgia. Can belly dancing help to relieve pain for fibromyalgia patients?
  • Mysteries of Muscle Memory. Belly dancing in Chichester
  • Tribal belly dance. An inspirational belly dance style that is beautiful and elegant, Tribal belly dancing whether American tribal fusion or otherwise, internalizes the rhythms and the outflow of emotion.
  • Arabic Musical Instruments For Belly Dance Music. Every dance has its own sets of accompanied instruments that add to its charm and performance. Belly dancing is performed to the tune of Arabic music
  • Every Woman Should Be Belly Dancing. And because it's such a feminine dance for women it comes to them more naturally than they would expect.
  • Benefits of belly dancing. This article about belly dancing is both informative and enlightening especially for people who want to find out more about this ancient art form.
  • Music and dance interpretation of classical egyptian music
  • Belly dance resources, belly dance classes in Chichester. Information on belly dancing.
  • Charity Fun Day at Fishbourne Village Centre, Chichester, Applause for these lovely ladies, my belly dance students from Bracklesham and Witterings.
  • Belly dancing at Chilli Fiesta 2011, West Dean Gardens, Chichester, West Sussex.
  • A Brief History of Oriental Dance. From Social Dance to Performance Art. Belly dancing in Chichester.
  • Belly dance and the feminine image.History shows us through paintings that the veil came to symbolize the untouchable and tantalizing appeal of women in the Middle East. Belly dance classes in Chichester
  • Belly Dancing, also known as Oriental Dance or Raks Sharqi ("Dance of the East"), is an excellent workout, a celebration of life and a spiritual experience all rolled into one. Belly dance class in Chichester.
  • Belly Dance Costumes. To the uninitiated Belly dance costumes may seem all the same. . Belly dancing in Chichester
  • Desert Dance.Poetry on belly dancing. Belly dance and drums. Belly dancing in Chichester
  • Mystic Belly Dance - Ancient Secrets For Modern Women.Some people think of belly dancing as a mysterious erotic art with the power to seduce. In truth, the dance is a womanly expression of love, empowerment and sensuality.
  • Better Stage Presence For Belly Dancers - "Up and Over" Eye Contact.Eye contact is an important part of belly dance and stage presence. It establishes a personal connection with your audience, and makes them feel included in the show.
  • Belly dance styles. Belly dance class in Chichester
  • Egyptian belly dance style. Egyptian baladi, egyptian style raks sharqi. Belly dance in Chichester
  • Turkish Oriental belly dance. Belly dance in Chichester
  • Lebanese belly dance. Lebanese belly dance videos - examples of lebanese belly dance performance. Belly dance in Chichester
  • Tribal belly dance style.Tribal belly dance in Chichester
  • Fusion belly dance. Examples of belly dance fusion
  • Contact us, belly dance in Chichester.If you have further questions about our classes or belly dance performances, please do contact us by using the form below
  • Belly dance classes in Chichester. Belly dance is a low impact form of exercise. This ancient dance improves your posture, coordination and is also a great way to boost self esteem. Express your feminity through the language of dance in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Re-discover yourself through a beautiful art form and wonderful music.
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Belly dance with Jenn

"When I dance, the sun sails safely through the night;

When I dance, the future is formed by my feet;

When I dance,the stars move through the heavens;

When I dance, Venus shimmers the desert;

When I dance, dust becomes silver, stones are made of gold!"

Cosi Fabian

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